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2013 The third time

6 sold-out shows and more than 8000 visitors speak for themselves. In 2013, Birdy, Element of Crime, Wallis Bird and Friska Viljor delighted the Düsseldorf audience. Shooting star Woodkid gave a concert together with Düsseldorf’s youth symphony orchestra, and with surreal projections and an enormous light show they transformed Tonhalle into a dream world. Tocotronic literally ripped the audience out of their seats and gave away gladioluses to the Tonhalle audience. At Robert-Schumann-Saal, folk punk Billy Bragg touched his fans with new songs. The „new“ in the name still said it all in year three. In addition to Tonhalle and Robert-Schumann-Saal, the festival was extended by a new location: At Hotel Nikko’s ballroom Da Vinci artists and audience came very close. These late-night shows right in the heart of Düsseldorf’s „Little Tokyo“ gave a stage to the vivid music scene of NRW and to artists like Nils Frahm, Moddi or Roosevelt. Also the popUP NRW prize, which was given to a regional newcomer, once more was a commitment to the state’s vivid music scene. The winner band, Urban Homes from Cologne, performed at sold-out Tonhalle as support act for Tocotronic.

Line-Up 2013:

WOODKID & Members of the Duesseldorf Tonhalle Youth Orchestra, FRISKA VILJOR, Patrick Bishop, MODDI, ELEMENT OF CRIME, Honig, WALLIS BIRD, NILS FRAHM, TOCOTRONIC, VIMES, BILLY BRAGG, Fryars, Roosevelt, Vimes, Grandbrothers, BIRDY