Die Höchste Eisenbahn: Presales have started

Tickets for the New Fall Festival shows of Die Höchste Eisenbahn are on sale in our ticket shop now.


The band, which consists of Moritz Krämer, Francesco Wilking, Felix Weigt and Max Schröder will be playing at Robert-Schumann-Saal in Düsseldorf at 7pm on Thursday, 16th November 2017 and at Mozart-Saal in Stuttgart on Friday, 17th November 2017 at 8pm. Pop music for grown-ups. Pop music that is grown-up and playful at the same time – this description fits Die Höchste Eisenbahn’s music best. Their catchy debut “Schau in den Lauf Hase” was released in November 2013. Their second album “Wer bringt mich jetzt zu den Anderen” followed in 2015. Musically, the album provides a mix out of Fleetwood Mac’s easiness, the Talking Heads’ folly and the Allman Brothers’ tranquil folk-funk.


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