Megaloh & RheinBrass

Megaloh & RheinBrass

Fri. 17.11.2017 | 8:00 pm Capitol-Theater, Dusseldorf

Megaloh’s career shows how one can acquire a unique standing in the German hip-hop scene. With “Endlich Unendlich”, his first album to be released on a major label, Megaloh impressed critics, colleagues and long-time fans – because everyone can agree on his music.

As a prime example of the hard-working society that has to find a balance between work, rent and family, the Berlin rapper with an unparalleled flow has worked hard to get the reputation he has to day. A myriad of concert and festival performances and collaborations with artists such as Seed, Schwesta Ewa and the Stieber Twins highlight Megaloh’s versatility. With his current album “Regenmacher”, Megaloh further established his presence in German hip-hop. This is why he will also be present at the New Fall Festival this year – together with the RheinBrass ensemble.


Tickets for Megaloh & RheinBrass in Dusseldorf (17.11.2017)