James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow

Thu. 27.10.2016 | 20:00 Uhr Johanneskirche, Düsseldorf


In 2013, the Dublin songwriter with his trademark croaky falsetto voice mastered the balance between folk and soul with his album “Early in the Morning”. He manages to awaken as many different associations as John Legend and Fleet Foxes within minutes. Similarly to Bon Iver, to whom he is very frequently compared, James Vincent McMorrow plays all the instruments on his album himself – withdrawn from the rest of the world in a secluded cottage by the sea. However, one does not need to fear any Irish melancholy considering his light-hearted arrangements and bright, hopeful voice. Besides his musical and compositional strengths, James Vincent McMorrow is clearly a talented storyteller. A raconteur who doesn’t get straight to the point; he rather wraps his messages in flawless pop somewhere between Damien Rice and Mumford & Sons.

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