James Rhodes

James Rhodes

Fri. 28.10.2016 | 18:00 Uhr Johanneskirche, Düsseldorf,
Sun. 30.10.2016 | 20:00 Uhr Neues Schloss, Stuttgart

James Rhodes was born in London in 1975 and is the “bad boy” in classical music. The British concert pianist has described music critics as “arseholes and wankers disguised as academics”. He has the attitude of a rebel pop star among classic pianists who wants to bring across musical depth and truth instead of a shiny surface.

When it comes to his choice of music, James Rhodes is surprisingly conservative: Bach, Chopin, Schumann and Schubert – the only 20th century composer he plays is Ravel. He completely rejects contemporary styles such as musical or crossover. Brahms and Chopin on one side, Ligeti and Birtwistle on the other – “those are two completely different leagues”, as he writes in his book “The Instrumental”.

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