Thu. 16.11.2017 | Johanneskirche, Dusseldorf

At 18, Mogli decides that she does not want to make any decisions after graduating for the time being. Instead, she prefers to make music while traveling. So she flew to Australia, wrote lyrics and composed melodies and released her folky, catchy debut album “Bird”.

Her journey carried on to Cambodia where Mogli fell in love with Felix Stark who was just orbiting the world on his bicycle. Mogli curated the soundtrack for Felix’ film project “Pedal the World”, contributed some of her own songs and helped with the marketing and sales. Together, they caused the film to be a great success in cinemas – and the corresponding book, which became a bestseller. The starting point for a new journey, the idea for “Expedition Happines” was born.

Besides breath-taking pictures and Moglis accompanying feelings, thoughts and descriptions, Mogli provides the ideal soundtrack for “Expedition Happiness”. Her album “Wanderer” which is somewhat reminiscent of Daughter and Ben Howard fits the epic vastness of the film and musically mirrors the places Mogli visited during her travels.


Tickets for Mogli in Düsseldorf (16.11.2017)